First of all: none of what is written below is really important, the paitings are. I've written it for myself and for those interested in these matters. The texts are not meant as guides in interpreting or understanding my work.

I am Bart Westera, I am a parttime painter, a parttime psychologist, and a parttime drumbuilder (click here). Also I am a loving partner and father. Life is at its best for me when all these rolls are in balance. The most important condition for me to make art is to be fully alive.  

Here you can read a short text about the paintings I make now and the ones I made in 2012-2014. Here is a longer text saying more or less the same in other words.

Here you can read a text about how my work developed between 2001 and now.

Here you can read an extensive text about how I paint.

Here you can read a text about time and coincidence, two of my best friends.